Ideal for: teachers who need stimulating material for secondary level (as from false beginner) with a solid and motivating approach to learning.

Phases 2nd edition keeps the main features of the previous edition with a completely new design and 30% new and updated texts dealing with topics that are genuinely interesting to teenagers.

Key Features:

• A new 'Upgrade for Exams' section at the end of each Revision provides international exam practice

• The 'Writing' section has been improved to provide students with more scaffolding and to guarantee students' confidence in their written production

• A whole 'Culture' page at the end of each unit helps students become knowledgeable citizens, respectful of cultural diversity

• The 'CLIL Projects' section at the back of the book and the 'Collaborative Tasks' included in each Revision boost the development of team-working skills

• Completely new material in the 'Editing your Work' and 'Extra Reading' sections

• Workbooks include completely new worksheets with additional reading practice, plus a 'Digital Competence' worksheet per unit including a collaborative project where students use online tools for production and interaction